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Shop online with Trade Keys for all your key and key cutting needs.  As one of the leading UK suppliers of blank keys and cut keys we have a wide range of cylinder, vehicle and mortice keys available online from the leading brands.  We stock Silca cylinder and vehicle keys for all types of cars, motorbikes and trucks.
If you are in the market for a key cutting machine or cutter, then look no further.  We have all the latest Silca Cutting Machines and a full set of accessories and cutters as well. - Your Silca Partner

Key Cutting Tools

Get your key cutting tools here!  Keyway panels are used to help identify cylinder and mortice keys taking way the guess work of a left or right hand mortice key or a reverse profile cylinder key.  Once a key has been cut, it is now time to finish the key with a key file, these are used to remove and swarf that is left on keys after they have been cut, and don't forget file handles they make holding the file blade much easier!